Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Autism Artism 2015 & Autism Acceptance Month

 The turnout and overall event for the Autism Artism 2015 gala opening at Territorial Winery in Eugene, OR was phenomenal, and according to the president of hosting organization and great local resource for the autistic, Kindtree Productions, was the best ever. I sold one print at the show and one print via deviantART to a friend after the show, of the same image, and as a founding part of the Kindtree Artist Guild Operations Team, or "art team" for short, I was in part behind this event. It was a truly marvelous and beautiful thing to watch this event go from discussion around a table to a fully fledged event and to be a part of the whole thing.

Looking forward to moving it to the Oregon Supported Living Program Lincoln Gallery in May and to organizing it for 2016, for which I hope to have my own secure enclosed vehicle with a large load space to help transport goods and artwork to the event and be able to help in a larger magnitude than this year.

And do not forget that April is Autism Acceptance Month! We are already known to almost everyone, now it's high time for us and our common thread, our different operating system, to be accepted!

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