Self Interview

- What sort of artist would you most identify yourself as?
Artistic photographer.

- What would be your secondary identity?

- What forms of art do you dabble in, but don't excel at?
Writing, watercoloring, toy car customization

- How would you describe your 'style'?
Inspired initially by Troy Paiva and the Hemmings Abandoned Autos photographers, but diverged onto its own path as I developed my style and portfolio.

- What medium do you favor most?
Digital photography

- What are your favorite subject matters?
Abandoned places, junked or abandoned classic cars, historic cemeteries, historic buildings, interesting outfits, accessories or poses on people in interesting settings

- What are your least favorite subject matters?
Any cliche

- List your Artistic Strengths
Color, detail, my eye for the subject

- List your Artistic Weaknesses
Composition, cloning out unsightly or distracting elements attractively, any kind of significant work in a photoediting program.

- Which of the above weaknesses would you most like to see improve?
All of the above

- Adult Content. . . yes/no?
I do not mind it as long as it's not gross like coprophilia, urophilia, emetophilia, coprophagia, food fetishism, or targeted at paedophiles.

- Adult Subject Matter you favor?
Gothic, Victorian, Lolita (not to be confused with Lolicon), steampunk and body art-themed pics of women

- Schooling/Training received in the arts?
Artist-in-residence at Willagillespie Elementary School, 1996-2000, art therapy at Looking Glass Center Point School, 2000-03, art therapy at Oregon State Hospital Ward 50A, 2007-08, otherwise self-taught with Tom Ang and Amphoto tutorials

- Schooling/Training you'd still like to have?
Night photography, mastering PhotoShop or GIMP, and mastering the DSLR

- Would you consider yourself prolific, or a 'quality over quantity' sort of artist?
Quality over quantity

- Would you considering yourself a Fine Artist, or a Commercial Artist?
Fine artist

- Where would you like to be in five years?
Exhibited in gallery shows nationwide if not globally, coffee-table books of photo compilations, adding human models with pinup, vintage-styled or junkyard/abandoned place photo themes to my repertoire and portfolio, featured in art magazines, sale of many physical copies of my photos, branching out beyond Oregon for subject matter & surroundings.

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