Here is a list of my artistic accomplishments:

Ongoing: Sporadic features on deviantART.

2005: Started off with an already fossilized Olympus Camedia point & shoot, all pics are lost to history.

2010: Started in earnest as a serious hobbyist, original account on deviantART opened.

2011: Original account's security was breached, deleted account, opened new one, fanbase grew by leaps & bounds, found an ongoing place for shoots, original computer died of logic board failure and external hard drive of unknown causes, taking over a thousand pics, most unpublished, with them.

2012-13: Sold one fine art print to an art appreciator/artist in France, published under a former deviantART account and username in Ctrl+Alt+Defeat video gaming webzine's "Hoard Instinct" article, sold two fine art prints to an artist who is a good friend, in Australia, joined Kindtree Productions Artist Guild.

2014: Entered Kindtree Productions Autism Artism juried gallery show, preparing my first photo shoot with a human model, sold fifteen notecards through Kindtree, sold two 8x10 photos to unknown person & destination. Had phenomenal vintage clothing photo shoot with a great person, some pics to be added to my portfolio. Sold eight more notecards with possibly more sales coming at the Kindtree Gala Art Opening at Willamalane Adult Activity Center in Springfield, OR on Valentine's Day 2014, its display will remain for a while after the event. More photo shoots with 2 great people, made almost $100 off of my art. Exhibited at the Los Angeles City Hall Bridge Gallery in an assortment of works by autistic artists.

2015: First photo shoot of a cemetery in a dense fog, second year of Autism Artism entry, preparing for art display at Reality Kitchen Bakery & Cafe in Eugene, OR, entry to Kindtree Artist Guild administrative committee, helped set up and advertise the 2015 Gala Opening, possibly creating more exhibits and possibly at least one more gala opening (to be continued)

To be continued...


  1. Chris, your pictures are wonderful. So atmospheric, such an amazing way to treat colors. I think they are something great.


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