Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Special Gift for Chuck Harral at Springfield Auto Recyclers

Print and envelope on back of my couch.

As many of my loyal fans know, I have been shooting at this classic car dismantler in Springfield, Oregon for several years now, and my arguably most famous work, "55" was a product of a shoot at this yard. Local businessman and car guy Chuck Harral has operated the business for decades, originally as the family business, but nowadays mostly as a hobby and service to car restorers and rodders the world over. However, Chuck is very amenable to artists of different kinds using his junkers for subjects and props if they are careful, respect the cars and artifacts and obey his yard rules, and I enjoy his graciousness and positive attitude as well as his appreciation of junkyard art- rusty hubcaps, badges & license plates, a visible register gas pump, a traffic light, a 1940s Ford flathead V8 on an engine stand, assorted oil cans, and the works of assorted photographers gifted to him, adorn the classic greasy, dim, petroleum-smelling, but charming, yard office. Now a work that has made lots of waves in the art world, that is arguably the most famous piece ever shot in his yard, is in his collection.

The original file of 55, that made lots of waves with Kindtree and Special Academy exhibitions

Thanks so much for the artistic opportunities your yard has afforded me! I will make many more return visits and bring you more art someday!

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